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National Football Authority Radio: Episode 3 July 20th 2011
July 20, 2011 10:50 AM PDT
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We here at are taking more steps to bring you the very best information with our daily content. We now offer you the third podcast from NFAuth.

College football writer Matt Baxendell (a.k.a. Bax) hosts this week's edition of NFA Radio. The focus is on National Football Authority's college football previews. College football Editor-in-Chief Nate Kuester talks with Bax about who the top stars and bottom feeders are in the Sun Belt Conference. The guys also examine the Western Athletic Conference and discuss how the exit of Boise State has thrown the gates wide open for teams to race to grab the brass ring.

The sanctions handed down by the NCAA to Georgia Tech and LSU are issues the guys have no problem taking on. Bax and Nate also discuss how those sanctions actually benefit the Ohio State Buckeyes. Marc Tyler's drunken proclamation that players at USC make more money in college than the pros is another fun topic that gets tackled in the podcast.

Bax takes on the current situation of the NFL lockout, filling us in on where things stand.Outspoken Steelers linebacker James Harrison is also a topic that gets put under the microscope.

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